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Deco Broadband is one of the reputed dealers of surveillance and security systems. We are the dealer of a comprehensive range of surveillance cameras, digital recorders, access control systems, dome cameras, and hidden cameras. Since our establishment, we have been associated with some of the eminent and distinguished electronic brands enabling us to offer high quality surveillance and security systems to our valued clients across India.

High quality and customer's satisfaction is the motto of our company and we are constantly striving to achieve it. We offer our products in accordance with the requirement and budget of the clients. We procure our surveillance cameras and rest that match with the exact technical specifications given by the clients. We have collaborations with well-known and eminent vendors and suppliers which enable us to offer our services within the stipulated time frame. We offer various dynamic and flexible security and surveillance systems which can suit to a vast range of clientèle, as per their needs and nature of the business.

Networking LAN

Deco Broadband


Our experts are able to install and fix local area networks (LAN) for your company.LAN consists of Ethernet cabling connected together in a localized area and share resources such as a printer. This hub of communication is essential for a business to store data and run their daily activities. Therefore, it is important to consider the set up of your LAN. Building a network with greater capacity than is currently required will ensure that as you grow you do not outgrow your network capacity. This is important because adding cabling to an existing network is difficult and most likely difficult to replace. Thinking big makes growing in your company a lot easier.

Most customers postpone calling the experts because they are afraid of replacing an entire cabling network. This is a misconception. Most often it is just a switch that needs to be replaced. Postponing calling in the experts to avoid hearing the worst only means postponing your business when your network comes to a grinding halt.


Deco Broadband

Web Development

Deco Broadband is a web development company. All our services have been designed to fulfil the various needs of web development that companies often come across. We try to cater to all the industry verticals with web needs. You can either outsource the entire web department of your organization to us or simply use us for specific project needs.

Since we specialize in the area of web development, we have also broken down our services to target specific needs of our customers. Website design and development is one such area that largely dominates the modern web industry. For a layman, anything that opens in a web browser is a website. However techies tend to differentiate between websites and web applications based on the type of usage and functionalities.

We all know that no product or service can succeed without an effective sales and marketing strategy behind it. Our on-line marketing service tries to address the sales and marketing component of your business over the web. The massive growth of internet users in the recent times has paved a new way for reaching the target audience for your business offerings. We ensure that we provide all such services to our customers turning towards the web for promoting their business.

Leased Line

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Leased Line in India

Our dedicated leased lines can operate between your sites anywhere in the country and provide the bandwidth you need to exchange critical business data.

This connection is always on and has a dedicated amount of bandwidth.High speed leased lines cater for the most demanding of data transfer needs at speeds of either 1gpbs or 10gbps.

As your requirements grow we can where possible we can upgrade the line to a maximum of 10gbps, if this does not fulfil your needs we can install another line.

Software Development

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Software Development

Every organisation is unique. As such there will always be differences in resources, requirements, and expectations of results, among other factors. This uniqueness requires custom software development solutions that truly addresses the organisations present requirements and future growth.

Deco Broadband – An India based software development company offer custom software solutions to diverse businesses at affordable rates. We have expert team of Microsoft certified professional and they possess the ability to design, implement and evaluate cost-effective and cost-efficient customised software solutions for your company.

Video Conferencing (VOIP)

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Video Conferencing (VOIP)

VoIP is the abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol, and the term basically covers any technologies, protocols, methodologies or equipment used in voice and video communications over ‘Internet Protocol’ networks like the internet.

If you’ve ever made an audio call on your computer using software like Skype, then you’ve made a VoIP call before! VoIP took off properly in 1994 with the first ever VoIP application being released – MTALK for Linux.


DECO Broadband

Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS Service is a powerful tool which designed to send text messages from PC to single or group of GSM mobile users within few minutes. In Bulk SMS Sender tool, we can easily import list of recipient phone numbers and message from CSV or excel files. Also, we can create dynamic text messages through advanced Import facility.

  • Low cost form of advertising
  • Messages are delivered immediately to bulk contacts
  • Attracts new customers to try your products and services
  • Aim your marketing at specific sectors with targeted advertising campaigns

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